Your Online Presence

Do you need an online presence?

If your clients are generated by you, then the answer is absolutely yes.

The only businesses that don’t really need to promote themselves are those that have a regular bookings through a major contract.

Your Website or Social Media page is the where your POTENTIAL customers will go will go to find out what products and services you offer and it is where you can make your business look AWESOME!

This information should be kept up to date and it must be accessible and available at all times.  In this modern world your business can be OVERLOOKED with the click of a button.

These are the facts!

  • Websites are available to suit every budget, so there is no excuse
  • ANYONE can set up a Facebook or Instagram page
  • If your opposition has a website, and you don’t you are missing out on customers

At FiPPeT we can build basic WordPress websites using the Press Customizr Theme.  If you would like a professional custom website, we use and recommend Netki.

We see the biggest downfall with websites is the tendency of businesses to set them up and forget about them.  FiPPeT can provide a quality publishing service to help keep your website at it’s best – with the latest information.

Contact us if you would like to know more or would like a quote.