About FiPPeT

My name is Jodi, and FiPPeT is my business operated from my home in country NSW, Australia. I also have a major role as Business Manager for our main business – Landscapability.

At one stage I seemed to be searching endlessly for online solutions for Landscapability that did not cost the earth, which were user friendly for our employees and my husband.

Through this search and quite a bit of “Trial and Error” I settled on a couple of products : ServiceM8 and Xero being the game changers for us, both taking our business from average to awesome within 2 years – these products suited our business perfectly and if I could get the seal of approval from my husband and our employees then it was surely a winner!  We have been using these products for some time now, and are happy to say that one of the best things about ServiceM8 & Xero is that they are continually evolving just like our own business!

I am now a certified partner of ServiceM8, Xero and Vend (an option for Retail businesses).

I discovered there is a need for consultation & set up services catering for the small business owner or “Tradie” who need a bit of a “leg up” into the digital world, so I took the huge leap and started my own business doing just that.

The only other thing I needed was a name, and where does “FiPPeT” come from is a question I am often asked.  Well to explain I’ve added this photo … these are my babies, Barry (black) and Rosie (Tan).  They are Mini Foxy x Whippets and we call them Fippets.