What started as a supply tracking software for tradies has now evolved into an automatic data extraction and invoice analysis solution for businesses across the trades, e-commerce and hospitality industries.

At Burdi, we understand the complexities, challenges, and bottlenecks business owners face in their day-to-day jobs. Since 2018, we have surrounded ourselves with business owners to better understand the challenges they face every day. Within the trades industry, business owner’s biggest challenge was keeping track of their materials and cash flow.

So together, we created a solution.

We have now evolved to allow business owners to not only track their products and materials, but to make sure they charge their customers the right price, getting their invoices out faster in order to be paid quicker.

Fippet is proud to be affiliated with Burdi, and promotes this product to many businesses, based on feedback from our clients.

Burdi is saving them money and providing the answer everyone has been looking for as to how to track profitability… look no further – go here to express your interested in a free demo.