FREE Support ServiceM8

At Fippet, whilst you maintain “Partner Connection” with us, you will be entitled to Email & Phone Support. Your two options are as follows:


  • ONGOING free support for simple questions/answers regarding use of ServiceM8 – we won’t leave you in the lurch – there are limits however, please read below!
  • Subscription to FiPPeT Mail – quarterly email newsletter which will include all the latest hints, tips & features in ServiceM8 and Xero – exclusive to FiPPeT clients
  • Eligibility to join ServiceM8 tradies – our Facebook support group

TERMS & CONDITIONS to Free Basic Support:

This Free Support is provided as an act of “good will” – please note the following:

  • Try to keep calls within normal hours of business (between 9 and 5) unless it’s an emergency;
  • Free Service is limited to 10 minutes per call – anything over will default to my hourly rate of $110 charged on a pro rata basis or $85 for our VIP clients;
  • Emails preferred if not an urgent issue;
  • Free Service includes both tweaks to your system, and phone time as long as it takes no longer than 10 minutes


This service is part of the following Support Packages

  • ServiceM8 Done Right – 2 weeks Priority Support
  • ServiceM8 Re-Boot – 3 Days Priority Support
  • ServiceM8 for Sole Traders – 3 Days Priority Support

Once you have experienced one of the above support packages we will provide Priority support for the period indicated above against each option.

This support can be phone/email and also via Zoom Screen Share Software.

The idea is that you will work through the tasks given to you by us during the consultation, and we will be available for you during the support period to absolutely nail your system and get it humming how you should expect!


Priority Support is provided as part of our three Package Deals as outlined above, there are a few conditions as follows:

  • Try to email or phone where possible, we will get back to you as soon as we can;
  • When emailing support requests, please include as much information as possible, including job numbers
  • You can book online via a special link for a maximum 30 minute screen share during the support period;
  • Maximum number of screen share sessions is 4 for our ServiceM8 Done Right package and 2 for our ServiceM8 Re-boot and Sole Trader packages;

Once your Support period is up, we are still available for the Free Ongoing support outlined above.

Fippet is here to help, and we want you to get the most out of ServiceM8 and your other systems, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are stuck!