our FAMOUS ServiceM8 Support

At Fippet, whilst you maintain “Partner Connection” with us, you will be entitled to our Ongoing Support via email at info@fippet.com.au and our Facebook Support group ServiceM8 Tradies


  • ONGOING free support for simple questions/answers regarding use of ServiceM8 – we won’t leave you in the lurch – there are limits however, please read below!
  • If you are a Facebook User you can join our ServiceM8 tradies online community – all members are linked to Fippet and two other awesome ServiceM8 Partners, and we all band together to help each other out.

TERMS & CONDITIONS to Free Basic Support:

This Free Support is provided as an act of “good will” – please note the following:

  • Support is via email only;
  • Free Service is limited to 10 minutes per support request – anything over will default to our hourly rate of $150 + Tax charged on a pro rata basis rounded up to the next 15 minutes ($37.50 + tax)
  • If we feel you are asking too many questions, we will suggest you book a screen share HERE
  • SMS, Facebook Messenger & Phone support is not included
  • Free Support includes both tweaks to your system, troubleshooting, suggestions on ways to do things and answers to your simple questions. 
  • FREE SUPPORT does not include responses to multiple emails, and emails with multiple issues and questions. We will advise if you are pushing the boundaries!


Priority Support is for those who have engaged us for a ServiceM8 Introduction Package as they either ‘go live’ with ServiceM8 or are implementing changes advised during a Fippet consultation. This will be offered with your quote.

The idea is that you will work through the tasks given to you by us during the consultation, and we will be available for you during the support period as per your quote to absolutely nail your system and get it humming how you should expect!


Priority Support is included with our Introduction to ServiceM8 for both new and existing clients.

  • Email (preferred) or but call if you are desperate, we will get back to you as soon as we can;
  • When emailing support requests, please include as much information as possible, including job numbers
  • Multiple issues and questions can be dealt with during this 30 day phase of priority support

Once your Support period is up, we are still available for the Ongoing General Support outlined above. It is up to you to make the most out of your training.

Fippet is here to help, and we want you to get the most out of ServiceM8 and your other systems, don’t hesitate to contact us if you are stuck!