Pricing & Options

FiPPeT has long been Australia’s leading ServiceM8 Partner. We are ServiceM8 specialists and have helped more small businesses get up and running than any other partner globally!

With this in mind our pricing is now based on the needs of the average client.

Our Introductory Package includes everything you will need to get up and running and we have a ‘one size fits all’ approach for the introduction.

Email, SMS, Quote & Invoice Templates
A full tour of the system including Add – ons
Our FiPPeT cheat sheets for you and your staff
Support to make sure you succeed

IF YOU ARE UNSURE that ServiceM8 is right for you: Book in for a quick consultation so we can explain what you need to get on track. This will only cost $65 + tax per 30 minutes – we can explain what will be involved and whether or not the system is in fact right for your business. The length of this consult is dictated by you, however 30 minutes should be enough to go over the basics.

Our ServiceM8 Intro… for all new to ServiceM8

$585 Plus GST

Our intro is designed for all businesses, big and small, those who do quoted jobs and ‘do and charge’ jobs, those who are reactive and those who do recurring jobs…

ServiceM8 has so many features these days it’s impossible to know exactly what it will take until we get through this first stage.

For most businesses, this intro is all they need to get up and running. Some will come back for further AD Hoc Consultations as needed, again dictated by you, the business owner as to how much further training is required, and possibly which features you want to use.

Health Check for ServiceM8

For existing users only $485 Plus GST

Our ServiceM8 Health Check is our most popular service, a clear indication that not enough who take on ServiceM8 get the help they need at the beginning.

If you have been using ServiceM8 for a while and feel like you aren’t getting the most out of the system, then this is for you.

To learn more or to BOOK either of the above packages, go to our ONLINE BOOKINGS PAGE

Other Options

Ad Hoc Consulting – our fee is $110/hour + tax for all other consulting work. We can cover whatever you need in these sessions.

For those new to FiPPeT we do recommend going through the Introductory Package, however if you just don’t want to invest this much you are welcome to engage us on an hourly basis.

The sort of things we can cover are completely up to you, some examples are:
Recurring Jobs
Account tidy up
Getting the most out of ServiceM8
Understanding Add-ons
Online Bookings using Services
Services (setting up an interactive template for your jobs)
Assets & Forms training
Xero & Hubdoc Training & Support