ServiceM8 Pricing & Plans

FiPPeT ServiceM8 Set-ups will have you up and running in a matter of hours

Terms & Conditions

  • Payment is required 7 days from initial consultation
  • Training time to be used within 3 months of initial consultation
  • Training to be completed within 7 working days

PLANS AVAILABLE as follows (Prices are in AUD – No GST)


ServiceM8 Set ups

choose your plan

Initial Consultation Max. 1.5 hours

Company & Account Set up

Account & Backend configuration

Set up Staff 

Company settings & Email signature block

ServiceM8 Add-ons (recommendations)

Set up Queues/Job Categories

Company job file for admin tasks

Custom Invoice Templates

Custom Quote Templates

Extra Consultation time Included

training and questions

** must be used within 3 months **

Selection of Email & SMS templates

A range of templates to get you up and running

FiPPeT Cheat Sheets

(Value $110)

To help get your staff up to speed

FiPPeT Cheat Sheets

(Value $110)

To help get your staff up to speed

Xero & Quickbooks Training

we can offer advice & training for both Xero & QBO

Services Set up

Creation of custom services for use in your job files or to enable clients to book your services online

Discounted Rate for Extra Consult Time

ServiceM8 Digital Form

Choose from our form library

Super Easy

ServiceM8 Quick Start


once off fee

Set up your own account & company details

we will check it over and make changes if necessary

offer advice and make recommendations

1 invoice template

1 quote template


Super Easy 

ServiceM8 Set-up


once off fee

up to 3 invoice templates

up to quote templates



Super Easy 

Premium Set-up


once off fee

up to 5 invoice templates

up to quote templates


2 Services Included