Cotchy Bookkeeping & Accounting

We often come across complete disasters in the bookkeeping side of businesses who we support with ServiceM8 – and always encourage people to move to a new bookkeeper if we see serious issues… sometimes they already know.

We came across Cotchy recently and have embarked on a mutual referral system as we have discovered that the Cotchy team is on the same page as us here at Fippet… getting it done right!

Cotchy’s mission centres on:

  • Simplifying accounting to make it accessible to all
  • Ensuring data accuracy and presenting it through clear and comprehensible reporting
  • Upholding the security and reliability of the information they provide

Intro to Cotchy

Founder of Cotchy, Pat Mannix. CPA, recognised the gap in fast-growing businesses that are struggling for time to understand and comply with their financial obligations.

With over 30 years of experience in the accounting industry. Growing businesses and accounting is a passion of his.

Not only is trying to stay on top of the books is challenging for business owners, but it takes too much time away from their core passion, building a brilliant business! 

Pat found a way to eliminate all of this hassle creating a one-stop financial accounting shop with Bookkeeping, Taxation, BAS, and Corporate Compliance.

Cotchy was found.

Services & Benefits

Unlock financial success with Cotchy

Bookkeeping & Taxation

  • Vital function for small businesses in Australia
  • Accurate and timely bookkeeping for informed decisions
  • CPA’s at Cotchy for tax advice and corporate compliance

Corporate Compliance

  • Adherence to laws and regulations by ASIC
  • Mitigate risks and demonstrate ethical conduct
  • Avoid penalties and late fees with Cotchy’s services

Accounting Services

  • Expertise in small business accounting with comprehensive solutions
  • Personalised approach with compliance and regulatory support
  • Drive your small business forward with Cotchy’s support

Accounting Integrations

  • Enhance efficiency and streamline processes with QuickBooks, Xero, and more…
  • The Cotchy team are here to help with the setup and maintenance of your software integrations

Benefits with Cotchy

  • Easy Online Solution
    Australian Online Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses. 

There’s no longer any need to meet your bookkeeper in person!

  • All-In-One
    Complete managerial solution including bookkeeping, taxation, and corporate compliance.
  • You Can Focus On Growth
    Focus on your business growth and work less on the books with Cotchy’s streamlined solutions.

Why Choose Cotchy

  • For the ease of access to your financial position. Gain clarity around your profit and loss figures.
  • To avoid any more late nights doing your own books
  • To stop spending time preparing your own BAS
  • To eliminate uncertainty over the correct use of your bookkeeping software
  • For efficiency, a fixed monthly fee.
  • To avoid $ lost with costly setup mistakes
  • To have a Cotchy bookkeeping team specially selected to suit your business situation best.

AND, most importantly… so you can spend your time on growing your brand!You run your business. Cotchy will look after your finances.

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