servicem8_on_all_devices (1)FiPPeT joined forces with the team at ServiceM8 in 2013 – since then it has been a pleasure to be a part of this award winning business, which has created a user friendly web and app based program that just works!

As a Certified Partner FiPPeT receives priority support from the team at ServiceM8 and find the service from them second to none.

We have found that helping clients get started with ServiceM8 is very rewarding, and what makes Fippet different to most ServiceM8 partners is that we use the product to run our other business – Landscapability – and find it works a treat.

We love ServiceM8, and so will you!

So If you need assistance to get started, we can help.  Firstly read our Pre-Order checklist information to make sure the program is right for your business!

As a bonus for partnering with FiPPeT and clicking on the link below you will get 50 bonus job credits to help start up your ServiceM8 account and if you also partner with FiPPeT we will match this giving you a total of 100 free job credits (valued at $50).

NOTE: This offer only applies if you don’t have an existing account with ServiceM8 and you have not clicked on any other links previously. 

To take up this awesome offer, follow this SERVICEM8 BONUS CREDITS Link and open a free account to have a look around. Once you have done this, contact FiPPeT so we can invite you to accept us as your support partner. Even if you don’t require set up services from FiPPeT we can still act as your ServiceM8 partner which is just like your own personal help desk for those little questions you may have. This doesn’t cost you anything…