Your Social Media

It’s a jungle out there, and you can make this process as complicated as you like – but FiPPeT is here to provide a solution and to get your business noticed in the digital world with minimum fuss and cost.

I promote the use of a website, linked to your Instagram and Facebook accounts – the idea of this is to set up a loop that takes the Tweeter or Facebook user back to your website – this is where you ultimately want your customers to land.

By keeping it simple we keep your costs down.

Social Media Services offered are:

  • Twitter & Facebook set-up and health checks
  • Facebook/Instagram Integration
  • Photography for Facebook – these can be on a budget – or if you would like some fancy professional photos, I use and recommend Peppermint Studios
  • Inappropriate content management and advice

For further information and pricing please contact the FiPPeT team at